ABDL Minecraft Server – WIP!

Hello lovelies and cuties! I have been working on Minecraft ABDL plugin for java edition with someone. The potty/bab plugin is still a WIP but will be finished soon hopefully. Within the potty/bab plugin you can do the following:

Opt in and out of the diaper part of it.
You can check your diaper or someone elses to see how many times they peed, messed, usuage, boosters, diaper they are wearing.
There are juice, milk babas and later will add sippy cups.
There are laxatives, diuretics that make you mess or wet.
When padded you can do an additional %25 damage.
You will gradually move slower as you use the diaper.
Diapers are not craftable, same with boosters and you need to go to a vendor/npc/sign to buy them, along with the other above mentioned items.
You can walk up to another user and change them.

Some features that are going to be added before the server is public are the following…

To avoid users from getting randomly checked, tummy rubbed, diaper patted, and such by others randomly you will need to specify a group to trust, or individual users that can change you.
There will be a potty meter added so that you need to run to the potty before you use the diaper… failure to make it to the potty means a soiled or wet diaper!
There will be functions added onto vanilla blocks that are built a certain way so that you can build things like a swing, slide, tire swing and much more that will function off vanilla blocks but create a new structure.
More diapers, boosters, panties, plastic panties, food, bottles, sippy cups and such will be added. I have a lot of ideas but this all takes time.

Down below you will see screenshots of spawn built by myself and my littles spawn has been mostly done for awhile now aside from setting up npcs, signs and such. Not really sure if we will do quests, jobs right now because some of these plugins can be time consuming setup, and some are heavily bugged. Trading wise we may use NPCs instead of signs, and we do have Citizens on the server. We also have McMMO as well which adds a bit of fun to the game :). The server itself is simply just PaperMC 1.16.5 so yes you will need to accept a resource pack when you join. Wooden Tools are disabled, and leather armor will probably be disabled as well in the future. We also have essentialsx, and land claiming (GriefDefender).

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