Another update to the Minecraft Plugin!

Hello lovelies and cuties! I hope you all are having a great day! Here’s a little update about the ABDLCircle Plugin for Minecraft: Java Edition! The plugin is now fully paid for in the areas where I had to have the person I was working with help on things. In the future we will probably add more custom items onto vanilla. There’s a little trick with Minecraft: Java Edition and that trick is you can remove a whole toolset such as wooden tools. This would remove wooden axe, wooden sword, wooden hoe, wooden pickaxe, wooden shovel, and now you are wondering… why remove those from the game? Well with vanilla minecraft you need remove default items to override with other items. The trick with tools in Minecraft: Java Edition is that each durability on a weapon/tool can count as an item. So be removing all wooden tools/weapons I can add multiple items into the game that are different things such as custom food, a bottle, a sippy cup, a rattle you can run around with and much more! But this only works for 2D items not a 3D block in the world. So these items you hold in your hand, or eat can be added with a custom graphic. Instead of completely removing the wooden tools/weapons we could just reduce the durability of them, and yes instead of wooden tools you can do the samething with other weapons/tools. Now next how would you add a custom 3D block into Minecraft Java Edition? Well this trick would involve armor stands this can be a bit complex – complicated. But you can do a lot of things to armor stands, and armor stands can have multiple forms of data and armor stands are different then your normal 3D block for more info take a look down below at this youtube video.

Now the next updates on the Minecraft ABDLCircle Plugin before it goes public will be various bug fixes that will be listed below:

Underwear, Pull Ups, Diapers (all of them), Boosters/Pads (all of them), Milk Baba, Juice Baba, Laxatives, Diuretics and some others don’t stack but that will be fixed. With Baba and out that mostly has to do with them being a potion and potions by default don’t stack.

Now at the moment you can change your diaper whenever you want even before its full ie if its only %1 then you can change from a diaper to a pullup or whichever. This will be fixed where you need your diaper, pullups or undies to be maxed out first.

Another bug is that boosters can be used with underwear, and pullups but this will be fixed as well.

Now onto different features that may be added onto the plugin before its deployed is the following:

Similar to any kind of land claiming or grief prevention plugin you will need to grant people permission to the following to you command wise:

Check, Diaper Pats, Tickles, Sparkles, Boom Boom, Tummy Rubs, Diaper Pats.

And to change a users diaper in game you walk up to them and use the diaper on them with a right click, this however will be changed to where you need to grant a user permission to do such mostly because all of these commands can be intimate or more private for other users. Basically you will have the option to make your diaper changing private, or public, and same with the commands that can be used on you.

Another feature that I will add before it goes live is a method where you can run to the toilet to go potty so before you go potty in your underwear, pullup or diaper you can run to the toilet and go potty and not use the undergarment you are wearing.

So with all of that being said there will be a potty meter be added and eventually if you don’t make it to the potty on time you will use whatever you are wearing.

In the future we will probably make it so that you can add multiple diapers so you can do something like double or triple diaper, we can also add panties along with plastic panties and more diaper tiers and various food items and eventually in the future sometime we can add custom blocks to be placed in the world, and perhaps various ABDL clothing in the leather armor tier because durability on that armor works similar meaning a head piece could be a paci or a bonnet. Legs could be diapers, pullups or panties/underwear and a chest/breastplate could be onesies and such. There are lots of ideas we could do in the end but this would require textures being made for everything, or a minecraft model.

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