Hello lovelies and cuties! – Discord Server invite link!

Hello lovelies and cuties! For anyone who was on ABDLCircle back in the day when we were a webchat we are now primarily on discord with our website being used as a tool to obtain info about ABDL. If you are a new user that is stumbling across this post that is fine too! We are all about acceptance, compassion & understanding! Within our discord server we have a level system that measures your activity, and as you level up you can unlock more of the server, and gain access. We have both SFW, and NSFW channels for Littles, Caregivers, ABs and DLs! We also have a channel where you can talk about other kinks even though we are not really a kink orientated server. We are mostly SFW with NSFW on the side, but an 18+ community. Once you reach level 10 you will have majority of the server unlocked. In order to gain access to NSFW channels, irl media channels, voice channels and much more you need to verify that you are 18 or older. No data is kept from this either, we even let you delete it yourself! We have a frequently asked questions channel for all users as well that are common questions asked. We are very LGBTIQ+ orientated, and very transgender, non binary friendly!

Feel free to join our server at https://discord.gg/4T4A9zJs

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