Minecraft Server is now public!

Hello lovelies and cuties, the minecraft server is now public. I put it out to the public earlier then I wanted to because the big update for the next version is delayed. Some stuff has happened, and that set the release date back for the public on the new version. The current version is very much playable. Has a potty system, different tiers of diapers, boosters, a milk baba, and a juice baba. Plus a few more items! The big update will be adding pacifiers as a buff item, craftable diapers, boosters, baba, sippy cup and much more!


Users are spawned with a book that teaches them how to use the potty plugin, and griefprevention plugin. By default all users will have keepxp, and keepinv on as this is a ABDL / Little server and some littles, or babs may not want hardcore minecraft. but in the future I will probably make it so that you can choose between keepxp, and keepinv. We also have mcmmo, random wild teleports, and much more! In order to join the server you need to be in our discord server, and the reason for this is protection against trolls.


The server address is playmc.abdlcircle.com add that into your minecraft server list, and you will be sent an invite link to join our discord server.

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    • it’s still a work in progress, and probably always will be (meaning that I will upgrade it over time with more features and bug fixes), just right now no more updates or bug fixes coming for a little over a month.. sadly, just somethings happened and a few of the people I was working with got busy, and one of them is a professional artist I have redoing the ABDL items, and another is a professional programmer.


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