Minecraft server, the updates, and old ideas…

Hello lovelies and cuties! I wanted to do a post earlier about the minecraft server but I didn’t do it earlier. The post originally was going to be about ideas I had to add into the potty plugin after the big update happened. I suppose I won’t really disclose those ideas as it would be a big tease because that stuff I was thinking about earlier, and yesterday could be months away as I would like to have solid ideas formed into features. I can however say what the current update will bring that is delayed because myself, and the other 2 people I was working with got busy with other things in life. It’s not delayed indefinitely work on the plugin programming, and texture wise is delayed to about a month. So with that being said I think we will probably see the plugin update maybe late june, or july. The plugin is very well playable right now though, and there is a config file where I can nerf or buff things quite easily.


ABDLCricle Plugin 1.4v:

– Add stairs as a chair like we talked about.
– We need panties added, this is just the feminine opposite of the underwear.
– Would like to have a ‘Super Diaper’ added to the diaper tier list that appears after thick.
– Add a crinkle sound effect for when people are wearing a diaper. Ie when a user is walking around they will hear the diaper crinkles (other players can also hear crinkles of other users that are wearing diapers)
– This will replace ‘diaperfight power’ permission and the movement speed permission. (this will only apply to users wearing a diaper).
Thin diaper is %2 slower, %4 more damage
medium diaper is %4 slower %2 more damage
thick diaper is %6 slower %4 more damage
super diaper is %8 slower %6 more damage

– All Underwear, Panties, Pull Up, Diapers, boosters, baby bottles, sippy cups, pacifiers need to be craftable I got an example for this.

– When a user uses the laxatives and diuretics there needs to be random messages depending on what the item does for instance:

<playername> might be going peepee soon because they used diuretics!
<playername> might be going boomboom soon because they used laxatives!

– I would like to remove the user losing health when the usage meter is 100%/full and instead they get debuffs. These debuffs would be slowness, mining fatigue. However a user will will have %30 increased damage buff, along with resistance all of these buffs and debuffs goes away once a user changes their diaper… (this does not effect people who wear underwear, panties, or pullups). When the usage is full, and potty meter gets full there needs to be a new message thats said… something about their diaper being so full that its leaking.

<playername> your diaper is full and leaking!
<playername> oh my you are a very smelly bab!
– When a user randomly pees or messes themselves enemies (both hostile and non hostile ones, animals that are theirs wont) can run away from the user. There needs to be messages in chat saying:

%monstername% has ran away because %playername% was too smelly!
%monstername% has ran away because %playername% tinkled!

– When a player uses diuretics and laxatives there needs to be messages in the chat:

<playername> might be going peepee soon because they used diuretics!
<playername> might be going boomboom soon because they used laxatives!

– I would like to have pacifiers added into the game. These will be a reusable item that buffs a player for 10 minutes. During the whole duration of the buff there will be sucking noises (like as if they are sucking on the pacifier). There will also be custom messages related to this. This would increase damage, mining speed by %10, and long as diaper is not full will increase attack speed by %10.
– There should be a permission where a player is afraid of the dark, this means when its dark out that they may randomly go potty (messages in chat) that they went peepee due to being afraid of the dark (potty meter randomly fills), or going boomboom because they are afraid of the dark. If a player sees a monster in the dark the chance of them going peepee or boomboom in the dark is higher a message would appear saying something like…

<playername> got so scared in the dark with the <monster name> nearby that they messed themselves!

<playername> got so scared in the dark with the <monster name> nearby that they peepee!

However buffing with a pacifier makes the player brave and even more less likely to be scared!
So there probably needs to be a setting for ‘afraid of the dark rate’ without a paci, and with a paci.

– Add chicken nuggets as a food item… To make chicken nuggets you can take 1 cooked chicken and wheat (must cover wheat all the way around the chicken) and this will craft 12 chicken nuggets.
– Chocolate Bar (Just regular candy bar that is chocolate) needs to be craftable… coco beans with wheat wrapped around it will make 12 Chocolate bar.

– Juice Baba gets replaced with ‘Apple Juice Baba’ putting empty baby bottles around the apple makes ‘Apple Juice Baba’
– ‘Apple Juice Baba’ needs a golden counterpart, along with a enchanted golden counterpart.
– Using baby bottle directly on the cow will create ‘Milk Baba’
– Putting baby bottles around a bucket of milk will fill baby bottles with milk making ‘Milk Baba’.
– Putting sippy cups around an apple will make ‘Apple Juice Sippy’ (samething with golden counterparts).
– Putting sippy cups around a bucket of milk will fill the sippy cups with milk making…. ‘Milk Sippy’, you can also use a sippy cup directly on a cow.
– Combining coco beans with milk baba will make the milk baba into ‘Choccy Milk Baba’
– Combining cocobeans with milk sippy will make ‘Choccy Milk Sippy’
– Much like how Sippy Cup, and Baby bottle got a apple juice and milk version, they both also need a melon and pumpkin counterpart. There also needs tobe a ‘Sweet Berry Juice Sippy’ and ‘Sweet Berry Juice Baba’
– This update will make baby bottles their own thing instead of a potion, when baby bottle is empty from having milk/apple juice/ etc in it it will just be called ‘baby bottle’ or ‘empty baby bottle’ (empty is already named baby bottle) same thing for sippy cups.

– Users wearing a pullup or a diaper get reduced fall damage.
– pullups %3 reduced fall damage.
– thin diaper %6 reduced fall damage
– medium diaper %9 reduced fall damage
– thick diaper %18 reduced fall damage
– super diaper % 36 reduced fall damage

– Pacifiers must all each have a unique color as an icon, and the dye determines the color.

This is craftable boosters, and how you obtain each other booster afterwards, and how you make a baby bottle, pacifier, and sippy cup!

Craftable underwear, panties, diapers, pullups…


The above is a list of everything that is becoming part of the ABDLCircle plugin, but because of people getting busy, and not able to fully commit so the plugin is programmed properly, and with less bugs as possible it is delayed to about over a month of being worked on. After the above update is deployed I will probably take feedback from the first version, and this update and adjust the next update accordingly. That update could include some other unique ideas I have, and the above version became 2.0 not 1.4!

In the original test server myself, my littles and a couple of staff had a city built that was spawn that was called ‘Padded City’ within this city you would have quests that were dailys you could do to earn money. You could also buy food from vendors, along with armor, weapons, tools and much more. There were random npcs with dialog at one point in time, along with city guards. I have considered taking the time to bring ‘Padded City’ back with its quests, and the rent system where you can rent a plot/section within the spawn that is yours, and you pay rent on it, or it is free, and you just do quests to buy things such as food, armor, weapons, tools and much more. There were many other ideas branched out from this quest wise on storylines and such, and a quest hub, lots of different ideas. I just wanted to share with you lovelies and cuties what was coming in the future. What was originally planned, and may still happen one day!

7 thoughts on “Minecraft server, the updates, and old ideas…”

  1. I got an idea for a new thing maybe when you change your or a players diaper it gives you a dirty diaper with the players name and how full the diaper is and how old maybe for a new update 😀

    • That is definitely possible I could look into that! It just if that becomes a feature, it will obviously have to take place after the above update.

  2. and maybe another idea is what if there was a command to show your diaper on your player and one to un show the diaper and if you can lay crawl sit and so on maybe 😀

  3. and maybe another idea is what if there was a command to show your diaper on your player and one to un show the diaper and if you can lay crawl sit and so on maybe but to change their diaper you need to show there diaper so it is on their player to change them and maybe one day at different colours diapers 😀

    • Not sure if crawling can be done, but I can def look into it! Sitting is a possibility, and in the next big update you will be able to sit on ‘stairs’. Update is just delayed because they got busy, and its a huge update that revamps a lot of stuff, and adds features. Colored diapers, and diapers appearing on a player… I did consider that but I would have to look into it and think about the way go about it. I have a few ideas in my mind.

  4. maybe with the crawling you know how if you place a trap door and open it when you are at it it makes you do the swimming animation you could do /crawl and it will make you do the swimming animation could work I have seen it before 😀


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