Minecraft server, potty plugin update!

Hello lovelies and cuties! A few issues on the server were fixed, there was an issue where if the user opted out of the plugin after potty meter was full the plugin would eventually crash, and eventually crash the server. This probably has been patched, and now at version 1.3b, with 2.0 in development.


On the server you mine buy spawners with epic spawners, they can also drop from mobs that are naturally spawned into the world (not from a spawner), and if you get 250 kills on a mob you will get a spawner. Throug the epic spawners shop you can buy upgrades or the spawners themselves, and you can also boost them as well!

I have added GriefDefender in placement of GriefPRevention, this allows users to create towns, or solo claims, or the option to have rent plots.


As for the big update 2.0 I am not sure when that is going to drop as it’s a lot of stuff that is being revamped and some features added.

I am looking at various different quest plugins to look into adding quests that users can do on the server, but a lot of them are buggy, cost money, or poor wiki/support so I am taking my time with it.

I hope you lovelies and cuties are enjoying the server, and slowly with time there will be more features and then eventually I will probably focus on a custom discord bot for the community!

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  1. there was a bug were if you die when both of your potty and diaper meter were full they will reset if you die when they are full


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