Diapers you can get without breakin' the piggy bank!

Hello lovelies and cuties! I thought I would give a suggestion on some diapers both medical, and ABDL wise that are not too much money, and where to buy them at!



These are the most common, and well priced diapers for both users with incontinence or within the ABDL community. They are soft and comfortable, about the best medical diapers you can get in my opinion.

Tranquility Diapers


Tranquility diapers are often cheap, being incontinent myself I sometimes get these from my medical insurance for free. They are not the best in the world, but they are better than a lot of other brands and very cost effective.

Tena Diapers


Tena Diapers / Pull Ups are used by a couple of my littles, some who have incontinence and they say great things about them.

Molicare Super Plus

Molicare Super Plus

Many ABDL's use molicare super plus diapers, I once in a blue moon get these from my medical insurance, or pharmacy I should say. They are pretty good for the price.

Molicare Super Plus

Fab Sense

These ABDL diapers are not too badly priced on Amazon for the majority of the time. They are very soft, and hold A LOT! One of my littles bought them as well and they were able to use one a day with this, however I didn't let them keep doing that for hygiene reasons.

Amazon | XP Medical | NorthShore Care Supply | Diaper Buys

These are the websites I recommend buying diapers from. With Amazon Prime you can get free, discreet shipping. Most of these offer discreet shipping by default. All of the image links go to Amazon up above.