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Hello lovelies and cuties a chatovod member, a moderator there at the stolen chatroom that was once mine has been commenting on my blog left and right here. Spamming messages towards me telling me that my site sucks…he spent several months on here stalking my members of my website… I have taken screenshots of the attacks he has done insulting my site – it all traces back to txdiaperboy @chatovod.

Chatovod, more like ‘txdiaperboy’ gets to harass day in and day out over here. Of course he will lie about it because he doesn’t have the balls to admit that he an asshole attacking another ABDL website for months.. the IP of txdiaperboy traces back to his chatovod IP he did not stop attacking the website until he made me enter it into all of the different servers I own to ban him. but will it work? No he will jsut go and mask his IP with a proxy next, thus forcing me to disable commenting on my site!

Feel free to contact me if you got any questions of ‘txdiaperboy’ mod over there at chatovod.

chatovod moderator harassing people here.
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