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Hello lovelies and cuties a lot of work has been done on revamping the site from scratch, officially getting rid of WordPress, Rocket Chat, and Arrow Chat.

A neat thing we are going to test out is the ability to switch between an online user list, along with the chats. This can be incredibly handy for providing mobile smoothness on the new chat. Less space to take up, and allows you to toggle between Chats and Users. Will probably add a extra button somewhere along the side, like a little notch that sticks out so you can completely hide the list, but the notch will stick out so you can just tap it and it will pop out the list again :). This should be great for mobile, and probably desktop too I don’t see it crippling the desktop side of the users. Some other things we got planned for the custom chat, and site itself with this whole revamp is colored names, and text. Along with auto embedding of youtube links, and picture links. Things like the blog – will come back and be used more regularly as well, along with a custom a forum as well (Still being debated heavily). User profiels will exist when the new site goes live, there is a lot of detailing information that a user can choose to fill out. At a much later date we will probably be looking into adding a media gallery to user profiles, along with commenting on user profiles.

The above screenshots have some fixes that I pointed out to the programmer I was working with, along with the Emojione v4 being fully encoded into the custom chat & site. We should have a new early release version of the chat deployed in a private area for testing between myself, Angel and probably a few other users on the site.

Ideas of adding something something a like public video, image gallery on the site similar to abdlvids.com but many more features, and a lot more modern. This has not been discussed too much other then the idea of doing it which majority of users like so far.

For you new users that find our site via google, chatovod, or even twitter you are free to stick around and see the revamp of the site, or come back in the future when it’s finished. The new site should be live sometime in November, or December however we are always going to update it over time and add features – even such things that new users suggest because we want to provide the best experience for you that you can ever get.

We are also going to be building a custom server as well to collocate the site on! For you cutie, and lovely tech nerds browsing the site here is a couple examples of what I am going to be running the site off in the future. Along with game servers, a chat system, and so many other things.

Server 1: Intel 10 core 3.0 ~ 3.6GHz 20 Threads 64 GB – 128 GB DDR3 1000GB SSDs
CPU: E5-2690 v2
Heatsink: SNK-P0049A4
Motherboard: X9SRi-F
RAM: M386B4G70DM0-YK03
SSD: P512GBSS3A55S25
Chassis: CSE-512F-350B

Server 2: Epyc 7251 8 Cores – 16 Threads 2.1 – 2.9GHz 64 GB – 128 GB DDR4 500GB (Multiple)
Heatsink: Dynatron A2
Motherboard: H11SSL-i
Chassis: 512F-350B1

Server 3: 16 Core / 32 Threads @ 4.0+ GHz. 64GB – 128GB DDR4. 500GB NVME (Multiple)
CPU: Threadripper 1950X
Heatsink: Noctua NH-U9 TR4-SP3
Motherboard: X399 DESIGNARE EX
RAM: CT16G4WFD824A – 16GB
Chassis: Rosewill RSV-L4000
PSU: 650 – 750 watt platinum

So there you go a whole list of a few different ideas depending on what I want to and turn the future of the site into. Might also settle down with two intel quad cores as well in a dual socket server motherboard. We will have to wait and see what the future holds 🙂

MWAH! I hope you lovelies and cuties have a great night! XOXO.

Hello lovelies and cuties – custom chat & site update.
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