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Hello lovelies and cuties for several months we have talked about rebuilding the site with custom alternatives. Getting many likes on twitter with the site revamp progress. The new website, and chat will feature many new things. The site will be completely revamped featuring a mobile friendly chat with many features added over time such as colored names, text, custom stickers that you can favorite. Ability to block users both in the main chatroom and PM this will cut down on a lot of harassment that happens on many ABDL chats, at one point we will have a voice, and video chat available on the webchat sometime in 2019.

Below is a list of some of the features that will be created on the custom chat & site.

Chatroom on the site:
– View-able to public, at the bottom you get the option to sign in as a guest, or sign in with your account.
– List on the left with the ability to switch between ‘Chats’ and ‘Users’. #general, #support, #roleplay, #games, #innercircle (admin and mods only), On the chats list it would be nice if it showed numbers for hte amount of messages with @# for the amount of mentions or new messages in a square ish box.
– When a user types in the chatrooms or PM I would like it show the users name, profile picture beside their name along with the text they have typed, timestamps as well.
– Clicking ‘profile’ text under a persons name on the online list will take you to their profile on the site.
– Clicking a persons name within the chatroom will cause them to be tagged, ability to tag multiple people
– Ability to ban & block users, when you ban a user it does it by ip instead of name. Include reason, and ability to do permanent, month, week, day, 15 minutes, ability to see banlist as well (Admin & Mod Only)
– Emoji one set
– File upload, ability to upload and send a file.
– Ability to set an online status
– Admin & Moderator rank
– Get rid of KeystoneJS and make the chat have it’s own registration and user profiles as created before.
– Add the static pages from KeystoneJS to the website with the navbar idea discussed with haseeb.
– SEO the chat page – and all of the static pages.
– Youtube embed, embedding images that end with .jpg .png .gif and .apng, images can be a click to pop out to see a bigger version.
– When a user posts a url I would like the url to become a clickable link.
– I would like to have an adults room. This room will available to registered users only, and only if they have selected the 18+ for age on their profile.
– Allow admins and moderators to set a new user password for users of the site, in case the user forgets it.
– Admins and Moderators need to be able to see a user’s IP, this will be nice in preventing people from trying to be others.
– Usernames registered on the site cannot be used on the chat by guests.

This is the new ABDL Circle revamp 🙂

This is the original old revamp –

Hello lovelies and cuties – custom chat update.
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