Hello lovelies and cuties – ABDL Circle optimized heavily.

Hello lovelies and cuties, sorry for for the down time I did supply an alternative server with the rocket chat running on it while I did some work to ABDL Circle.

ABDL Circle now only runs very few things, no more Centos Web Panel or anything like that. Pretty much the bare minimum you need to run a website almost. Only thing left is to finish loading up the ABDL Circle customers websites which will be coming shortly nearly done, along with the email server.

Rocket Chat, WordPress and the like are pretty quick now, enjoy.

– Kenna

Hello lovelies and cuties – old ABDL Circle logins to RC.

Hello all lovelies and cuties I have prevented the flood attacks to the whole entire website. However for now we have closed registration so those people that want a fun, friendly, and conditionally kind and loving please send me an email at [email protected] if you are interested in joining our friendly ABDL, Diaper chat or if I missed someone. As a surprise gift I may go back and integrate the old Diapers ABDL blog posts into ABDL Circle blog posts that will be a lot of work but will be worth it since I considering searching some old users in the Diapers ABDL WordPress database and looking into restoring my old blog posts from there to here.

ATTENTION: All old ABDL Circle users need to check their emails they registered with.

– Kenna

Hello lovelies and cuties..explanation on something going on.

Hello lovelies and cuties some of you on my twitter may saw a post about an attack spam flood i mentioned on my twitter to seek advice from my followers which helped immensely thank you so much.

As for the trolling issue of the site that been taken care of for now. We will be a closed chat again for awhile. People can contact me to be a user of the chat if they wish to chat with other friendly ABDL’s or littles. Feel free to DM me on twitter, or email me with my ABDL Circle email address. [email protected] or if you talked to some members of the site elsewhere you can become a registered member that way too.

As for you older users who were registered on ABDL Circle bfore the chat swap I aware that you cannot register at the moment I have a method to get you all registered again though it’s disabled. You lovelies and cuties will need to check the email you registered on ABDL Circle with 🙂

The move from Arrow chat to Rocket Chat (Self Hosted)

Hello lovelise and cuties I have made the move to Rocket Chat from Arrow Chat due to issue of the passwords being encrypted on WordPress I could not sadly transfer the registered users over to RocketChat so my only hope was to force everyone to re register again, so sorry for that. Angel and I are working on adding the emoji stickers and such to RC and we will discus ranks other then Admin and Moderator.

Those who are registered on WordPress again are now also registered on Rocket Chat. In the near future I will be adding social media login / sign in to the site. With the combination of WordPress + Rocket Chat working together and being synced it will allow a lot of different features over time. Some of the things can be made VIA plugin on WordPress that calls the Rocket Chat API.

Remember to register thorough WordPress lovelies and cuties if you want to be on the chat here again 🙂

You can visit the new chat here. https://chat.abdlcircle.com/

Hello lovelies and cuties I thought I’d share how I found ABDL.

Hello lovelies and cuties as far back as I can remember in my child hood I have always liked diapers, and baby things. Often my cousins and I would play house together. I was always either the mommy or the baby. Most of the time I was the baby my cousins who are also both females thought that since I was the one diapered that I should be the baby.  So while playing house with them I was always treated like a baby. Another time one of my childhood friends she would often grab some of the diapers I wore, and put them on. She would always make me promise her when we were little girls not to tell her father which we never did. Sometimes she would want to go out of the house with me while they were on. We would go run around in the woods playing together picking berries and such. As I got older into my teens probably around the age of 13, and now am 26.

I went on youtube and was watching cute things on youtube. Which I accidentally came across youtube video of another girl wearing a diaper but a grown woman. The video really started to spike my interests and I was trying to figure out what it was all about, and at the same time I thought it was really cute. I also felt less alone because here I was 13, and saw another girl wearing a diaper age-playing (at the time I wasn’t sure what it was until later). Then with time I started to look for more things with other females that wore diapers because it made me feel less alone. Eventually with time I figured out it was ABDL (Well at the time, I was a teen baby but I think you get the point since I am 26 now.).  Finding that video on accident on youtube helped a lot with my anxiety as a teen. After a long day of school I would often come home, do my homework, and want to regress into little space which was a help. I got bullied a lot at school for wearing diapers for medical need, and I used to hate myself for it. ABDL caused me to embrace my medical need for diapers but it also has helped me with so much more. For instance I have DID which is Dissociative identity disorder also know as Multiple Personality Disorder.


Now onto how it helped with my MPD is that I have a child personality that acts younger then my actually age which I suppose is similar to how an adult regresses into baby state. But at the same time it’s not really the same because it’s my mind being split from when I was a child to deal with traumatic abuse. But that child alter cannot go and play with other people around her age because she is in an adult body. So playing with ABDLs actually helps and makes her feel less alone her name is kenziee. I think that is all for now lovelies and cuties 🙂


Here’s a couple of videos to explain DID.



Hopefully these videos will help you understand DID a little bit better. I have 8 splits that I aware of and I do talk therapy.

Hello lovelies and cuties – Thought I would share my opinion on non ABDL diapers

Hello lovelies and cuties I thought I Would share my own opinion with medical diapers. People often come here to my website and join the chat to seek advice on which diapers are good that are non ABDL. I thought I would create a blog post about it :).


Medical diaper wise these ones are my favorite, and I get them from my insurance now and then for free. They are very absorbent and they feel great. Insert an abena booster into these, and they become even more absorbent. These in my opinion are the best medical diapers you can get coming from a girl that’s worn diapers all of her life.


Tranquility diapers also are not that bad but abenas are the best, they rock.


The last medical brand I’ll recommend is Molicare Super Plus and tena maxi they are pretty good diapers too, but I love ABENAS!



These are all my favorite medical diapers. I will provide a few links where you lovelies and cuties can buy these from.


XP Medical


NorthShore Care Supply

Diaper Buys

ABDL Factory


Enjoy lovelies and cuties I usually with prime on amazon at $99 for a year you can get free shipping!




Qtty Diapers – RAWR!

Hello lovelies and cuties  I found these ABDL diapers and I wasn’t aware they existed until now. They look really cute but I not sure how absorbent they are. Has anyone used these before? I might buy some next week to try it out because they look super cute!



I think I may have found a ABDL diaper that one of my alter personality’s will like (I have DID). KenKen is another split of mine like kenziee but she’s a tomboy, and a prankster.

Cute ABDL Training Undies

Hello lovelies and cuties I’ve been looking around at DiaperDrawer a lot. I love their business, and their ABDL store they offer great customer support. I have been looking at their printed washables I think they are very cute.

These look very cute, and I would not mind buying them for myself or as a giveaway but I am not sure if I will be able to use them mostly because I incontinent both bladder and bowel movements wise. I don’t think they would last very long for me, but they are so very cute!


I also would not mind buying these for myself as well. They are very cute love the pink bubbles and rainbow ones. Love the rainbow one because of LGBT, and being a lesbian myself.