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Hello all lovelies and cuties. ABDL Circle is about to undergo a bunch of changes in the near future. Yes, I have already replaced arrow chat software with the opensource software Rocket.Chat which is pretty good chat software. However I will be going all out custom chat design the chat will link to profiles on the CMS and user the picture they have on the profile. For now the front end of the chat will stay WordPress but in the distant future I will be probably switching it to NodeJS, The custom chat will be NodeJS based, but using the mysql database this is so that all users of my word press will be able to use the chat.

As for the custom CMS which stands for content management system that will turn into something social media like for ABDLs, TBDLs and diaper wearers alike. The plan is to make it so that people have their own little media gallery on their profile. Lot of my users been wanting their accounts on the site truly linked.

On another note I am also heavily leaning towards starting up an ABDL store in the near distant future. I think they store will happen sometime after I get my custom chat software made. Priorities are that at the moment. The custom chat will be a blend of Rocket.Chat and my old former chatroom, chatovod. I think with time this can turn into something good 🙂 I hope you lovelies and cuties have a great morning, or night!

The future of ABDL Circle – lots of interesting ideas.
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