Hello lovelies, and cuties here’s the ABDLCircle Progress!

Hello lovelies, and cuties the custom chat is progressing nicely. We’ve implemented what we feel is a nice, crisp aesthetic. The performance of it is excellent, making Rocket Chat seem cumbersome and incredibly slow in comparison. We’re quite happy with the progress thus far. As of now, we plan to launch mid-January, and is everything is progressing well within that timeframe. Guest visitation, image and YouTube imbedding, and extended profiles including the option to display an avatar photo have already been implemented, and many more features are to come.

Hello lovelies and cuties – custom chat & site update.

Hello lovelies and cuties a lot of work has been done on revamping the site from scratch, officially getting rid of WordPress, Rocket Chat, and Arrow Chat.

A neat thing we are going to test out is the ability to switch between an online user list, along with the chats. This can be incredibly handy for providing mobile smoothness on the new chat. Less space to take up, and allows you to toggle between Chats and Users. Will probably add a extra button somewhere along the side, like a little notch that sticks out so you can completely hide the list, but the notch will stick out so you can just tap it and it will pop out the list again :). This should be great for mobile, and probably desktop too I don’t see it crippling the desktop side of the users. Some other things we got planned for the custom chat, and site itself with this whole revamp is colored names, and text. Along with auto embedding of youtube links, and picture links. Things like the blog – will come back and be used more regularly as well, along with a custom a forum as well (Still being debated heavily). User profiels will exist when the new site goes live, there is a lot of detailing information that a user can choose to fill out. At a much later date we will probably be looking into adding a media gallery to user profiles, along with commenting on user profiles.

The above screenshots have some fixes that I pointed out to the programmer I was working with, along with the Emojione v4 being fully encoded into the custom chat & site. We should have a new early release version of the chat deployed in a private area for testing between myself, Angel and probably a few other users on the site.

Ideas of adding something something a like public video, image gallery on the site similar to abdlvids.com but many more features, and a lot more modern. This has not been discussed too much other then the idea of doing it which majority of users like so far.

For you new users that find our site via google, chatovod, or even twitter you are free to stick around and see the revamp of the site, or come back in the future when it’s finished. The new site should be live sometime in November, or December however we are always going to update it over time and add features – even such things that new users suggest because we want to provide the best experience for you that you can ever get.

We are also going to be building a custom server as well to collocate the site on! For you cutie, and lovely tech nerds browsing the site here is a couple examples of what I am going to be running the site off in the future. Along with game servers, a chat system, and so many other things.

Server 1: Intel 10 core 3.0 ~ 3.6GHz 20 Threads 64 GB – 128 GB DDR3 1000GB SSDs
CPU: E5-2690 v2
Heatsink: SNK-P0049A4
Motherboard: X9SRi-F
RAM: M386B4G70DM0-YK03
SSD: P512GBSS3A55S25
Chassis: CSE-512F-350B

Server 2: Epyc 7251 8 Cores – 16 Threads 2.1 – 2.9GHz 64 GB – 128 GB DDR4 500GB (Multiple)
Heatsink: Dynatron A2
Motherboard: H11SSL-i
Chassis: 512F-350B1

Server 3: 16 Core / 32 Threads @ 4.0+ GHz. 64GB – 128GB DDR4. 500GB NVME (Multiple)
CPU: Threadripper 1950X
Heatsink: Noctua NH-U9 TR4-SP3
Motherboard: X399 DESIGNARE EX
RAM: CT16G4WFD824A – 16GB
Chassis: Rosewill RSV-L4000
PSU: 650 – 750 watt platinum

So there you go a whole list of a few different ideas depending on what I want to and turn the future of the site into. Might also settle down with two intel quad cores as well in a dual socket server motherboard. We will have to wait and see what the future holds 🙂

MWAH! I hope you lovelies and cuties have a great night! XOXO.

chatovod moderator harassing people here.

Hello lovelies and cuties a chatovod member, a moderator there at the stolen chatroom that was once mine has been commenting on my blog left and right here. Spamming messages towards me telling me that my site sucks…he spent several months on here stalking my members of my website… I have taken screenshots of the attacks he has done insulting my site – it all traces back to txdiaperboy @chatovod.

Chatovod, more like ‘txdiaperboy’ gets to harass day in and day out over here. Of course he will lie about it because he doesn’t have the balls to admit that he an asshole attacking another ABDL website for months.. the IP of txdiaperboy traces back to his chatovod IP he did not stop attacking the website until he made me enter it into all of the different servers I own to ban him. but will it work? No he will jsut go and mask his IP with a proxy next, thus forcing me to disable commenting on my site!

Feel free to contact me if you got any questions of ‘txdiaperboy’ mod over there at chatovod.

Hello lovelies and cuties – custom chat update.

Hello lovelies and cuties for several months we have talked about rebuilding the site with custom alternatives. Getting many likes on twitter with the site revamp progress. The new website, and chat will feature many new things. The site will be completely revamped featuring a mobile friendly chat with many features added over time such as colored names, text, custom stickers that you can favorite. Ability to block users both in the main chatroom and PM this will cut down on a lot of harassment that happens on many ABDL chats, at one point we will have a voice, and video chat available on the webchat sometime in 2019.

Below is a list of some of the features that will be created on the custom chat & site.

Chatroom on the site:
– View-able to public, at the bottom you get the option to sign in as a guest, or sign in with your account.
– List on the left with the ability to switch between ‘Chats’ and ‘Users’. #general, #support, #roleplay, #games, #innercircle (admin and mods only), On the chats list it would be nice if it showed numbers for hte amount of messages with @# for the amount of mentions or new messages in a square ish box.
– When a user types in the chatrooms or PM I would like it show the users name, profile picture beside their name along with the text they have typed, timestamps as well.
– Clicking ‘profile’ text under a persons name on the online list will take you to their profile on the site.
– Clicking a persons name within the chatroom will cause them to be tagged, ability to tag multiple people
– Ability to ban & block users, when you ban a user it does it by ip instead of name. Include reason, and ability to do permanent, month, week, day, 15 minutes, ability to see banlist as well (Admin & Mod Only)
– Emoji one set
– File upload, ability to upload and send a file.
– Ability to set an online status
– Admin & Moderator rank
– Get rid of KeystoneJS and make the chat have it’s own registration and user profiles as created before.
– Add the static pages from KeystoneJS to the website with the navbar idea discussed with haseeb.
– SEO the chat page – and all of the static pages.
– Youtube embed, embedding images that end with .jpg .png .gif and .apng, images can be a click to pop out to see a bigger version.
– When a user posts a url I would like the url to become a clickable link.
– I would like to have an adults room. This room will available to registered users only, and only if they have selected the 18+ for age on their profile.
– Allow admins and moderators to set a new user password for users of the site, in case the user forgets it.
– Admins and Moderators need to be able to see a user’s IP, this will be nice in preventing people from trying to be others.
– Usernames registered on the site cannot be used on the chat by guests.

This is the new ABDL Circle revamp 🙂

This is the original old revamp –

Hello lovelies and cuties – GoodBye WordPress.

Hello lovelies and cuties some more changes are starting to happen now to ABDL Circle. WordPress is getting replaced by a NODEJS CMS as other things we want done to the site cannot be done with WordPress. While the transfer from WordPress to NODEJS CMS will take a few days it may mean that the homepage will be down but Rocket Chat should be still up. This is the beginning of the change to the whole site I was talking about. After the CMS is finished we will be getting Rocket Chat modified or getting a custom NODEJS based chat built with time.

All user registration will be transferred to NODEJS CMS. All data is backed up now on the WordPress data. No one should have to register again. The homepage layout will be almost exactly similar how to it is now. Same banner, same background for the site and same colors.

Hello lovelies and cuties! – WordPress theme change.

Hello everyone! I have changed the theme back to what I had at Diapers ABDL color wise. I love the color much more better then the dark simply because it feels more ABDL themed. For now the theme can stay, but in the future a bit down the road I still may get a custom theme that is unique to this site only.

I have also improved how buddypress shows on the site as well. BuddyPress now properly to my knowledge blends in with the WordPress theme I am using at the moment.

Shout out to my little Alyssa!

Hello everyone! One of my very many littles, AlyssaSundale is a great artist. She draws a lot of art ABDL and non ABDL. The banner of my website is drawn by her I Would have to say she is amazing at drawing! The banner of the website has members of my site drawn out. Do you know them well enough to figure out who is who?

@AlssyaSundale thank you so much for the wonderful banner you have made for this site that you are a part of! It really means a lot to me that you made it.

The future of ABDL Circle – lots of interesting ideas.

Hello all lovelies and cuties. ABDL Circle is about to undergo a bunch of changes in the near future. Yes, I have already replaced arrow chat software with the opensource software Rocket.Chat which is pretty good chat software. However I will be going all out custom chat design the chat will link to profiles on the CMS and user the picture they have on the profile. For now the front end of the chat will stay WordPress but in the distant future I will be probably switching it to NodeJS, The custom chat will be NodeJS based, but using the mysql database this is so that all users of my word press will be able to use the chat.

As for the custom CMS which stands for content management system that will turn into something social media like for ABDLs, TBDLs and diaper wearers alike. The plan is to make it so that people have their own little media gallery on their profile. Lot of my users been wanting their accounts on the site truly linked.

On another note I am also heavily leaning towards starting up an ABDL store in the near distant future. I think they store will happen sometime after I get my custom chat software made. Priorities are that at the moment. The custom chat will be a blend of Rocket.Chat and my old former chatroom, chatovod. I think with time this can turn into something good 🙂 I hope you lovelies and cuties have a great morning, or night!

Hello lovelies and cuties – Rocket Chat.

Hello all lovelies and cuties I have worked with my best friend Angel. I took the time to setup most of the emailing options with Rocket Chat, or at least ones that I aware of.

Next I will be looking into the Rocket Chat twitter oauth so people can twitter can easily come to the website since that is where majority of my users come from.

Feel free to register via clicking this link if you are interested.

If you do register please make sure that you are not a old user that I manually imported otherwise you will need to email me asking to delete said created account.

Make sure to check your spam folder of for the verification email.

Hello lovelies and cuties – email server back up :)

Hello lovelies and cuties after long day yesterday of working on the site I decided to go to bed, today the email server for ABDL Circle is working smoothly now.

Feel free to send me an email : here if you are interested in joining our chat or website 🙂

If you having any issues with the site other then the down time last night please let me know in the email.

Site has been optimized and no more web panel software and such 🙂

Have a great day lovelies and cuties.